The project is in active development done in iteration cycles. We publish on our goals for each iteration of the forum, check it out:
Slice Machine Forum Section

Every few weeks we go through any outstanding issues and we discuss our priorities based off this list. We publish RFC's for every improvement or functionality, we will be happy to have your input/ideas/comments.
View Slice Machine RFC's


Currently working actively on Slice Machine:

From Prismic
- Hugo Villain (Github/Twitter: @hyperVillain)
- Arnaud Lewis (Github/Twitter: @alws_)

From Octodroid
- Jorge Valdez (Github/Twitter: @georch)
- Joseph Ramos (Github/Twitter: @Jardix22)
- Luis Dueñas (Github)
- Dinartecc (Github/Twitter: @dinartecc)

Feel free to reach out to the team to discuss ideas. 😊

Development status for Nuxt

STATUS: Core functionality in Beta | Default library provided

Extending the vue-essential-slices library is the easiest way to get involved for Nuxt, you can which remain components need to to be added in the project issues.

Simply head over to the GitHub repo and follow the template of how our very own Hugo Villain made his PR.

Development status for React Frameworks Next.js

STATUS: Core functionality in Beta | Default library provided

We have released Slice Machine for Next.js.
Again we need help porting the components library to React, so feel free to get involved. The full list of RFCs to create this library is here.

Development status for Svelte, Gridsome, PHP etc.

In the coming weeks/months we hope to create Slice Zones for other technologies, so in preparation for that moment the best way to help the project would be converting Sara Soueidan's vue-essential-slices library into the Framework of your choice.

That was as soon as we have the Slice Zone ready for your chosen technology, then we're ready to go and you can start managing and using the component library. Just follow the template of the other repositories by creating RFC's for the components. 😊

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