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  • Free library to get you started
  • Library that is 100% customizable
  • Integrate your own components
Building Blocks Sections

Building Blocks

Making micro-components is easy. Making website sections is harder. Use Slice Machine to easily create, reuse, and share your sections with your entire team.

Customize and contribute Variables

Customize and contribute

Right out of the box, you have an awesome library of components to use however you need. Personalize it with CSS variables, fork it, change it, add your own components. It’s up to you.

Boosted by a backend Backend

Boosted by a backend

So you've got your sections, but now you need the content. With Prismic, content writers have the power to create beautiful pages faster than they could build a lego house.

Editorial section Hello! This is an example of Editorial section component from our starter library. Button

    Frequently asked questions section

  • First Question?
    I'm good buddy!
  • Second Question?
    My name is John
  • Third Question?

High Quality Components

We’ve partnered with Sara Soueidan and other community members to create high quality component libraries.

“I built this library of components to be a resilient foundation for your projects. They are progressively enhanced, cross-browser compatible, responsive, accessible, and customizable components, created with semantic markup, modern CSS, JavaScript, and lots of love 💜 .”

Sara Soueidan Freelance lead front-end UI developer
Cross-browser compatible
All those annoying, but necessary, browser compatibility considerations have been thoughtfully handled for you.
Responsive components are a guarantee that any user on any device will have the best experience possible on your website.
All components in this library are accessible. ARIA attributes are used when and where needed.

100% Customizable

So wait... what’s Prismic?

There’s every chance that you’ve made it this far without knowing what Prismic is. We’re slightly offended, but we’ll get over it.

Prismic is a Headless CMS that offers unlimited custom types, API calls, and a bunch of other great things. You should really check it out.

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Why Slice Machine?

API-based CMS’s have created a gap between the components that you use and your data and we are trying to bridge that gap with Slices. Slices are how we refer to the components that you create in the Prismic interface.

We wanted to find a way to take Slices to the next level and to allow developers to adopt a totally component-based approach to how they build websites and create pages.

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