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“I don’t know that there’s another workflow that would let us get this far, this fast

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What are Slices?

Reusable Website Sections

Slices are website sections, that you’d build as React or Vue components. Once each component is ready, you can ship it to a Page Builder. It becomes one of the sections your content team can use to compose their pages.

How it works

Build components locally

As you locally implement a new component (a new website section), Slice Machine gives you the tooling to specify which data you want to be defined and edited by your content team and the expected format for each field.

Test your components

While you build your components, you probably want to visualize them and test them. Slice Machine provide an out of the box integration with Storybook, so you can preview your sections filled with mock data.

Ship them to a page builder

Once ready and tested, you can ship your component to your content team. They have the website sections that you built for them, in their page builder. They can assemble them to create as many pages as they need and scale their content creation.

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